3D Probe for PocketNC V2-10

Are there any spare digital I/O on the BeagleBoard for use to integrate a 3D probe (Preferably the Vers PR, https://vers.by/en/?controllerUri=index) on a PocketNC V2-10?

Hi Mats,

Another Pocket NC user, Josh Pieper, has done this already, I believe. More info on what he has done can be found in this post - PNC v2-50 touch probe integration



Yep, the most recent information can be found at: Pocket NC Touch Probe Video | A Modicum of Fun


That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, you have done all the work. Thank you!

@jpieper Is the reason you combine the toolsetter, that there are no other pins left?

If you use that pin, you get software functionality out of the box. See the G38.n codes for more information: G Codes

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