Category Topics

Troubleshooting the Pocket NC

Looking for some support with machining on your Pocket NC? Here’s the spot for discussion on troubleshooting issues in the community. Please post a brief summary of the problem in the title. You can also email or your local reseller for support.

All things CAM and G-Code

Have a question or comment about CAM? This is where discussions and questions around CAM and G-code are discussed.


Information on how Pocket NC customers configure workholding on the Pocket NC whether it’s off the shelf workholding, custom made on the Pocket NC or made on another machine for the Pocket NC.

Kinetic Control

Place to discuss the Pocket NC software control and user interface Kinetic Control.

Buy, Trade, Sell

This category lists used Pocket NC machines available to buy, sell or trade. Please note that because the machine is 5-axis it is export controlled. It can legally ship only to the countries listed below. Countries not listed will require further export paperwork to export legally. Please note that a freight forwader forwarding to a country not listed is not permitted, it is the end destination that is of import. If you have any questions please email

General Discussion

General discussion about Pocket NC that does not fit into other categories.

Made on the Pocket NC

Share your Pocket NC part or get advice on if you can make a part on the Pocket NC.

Tips and Techniques

A space to share Pocket NC tips, techniques and tutorials. There are so many ways to machine especially on a 5-axis CNC.

Pocket NC Announcements

Announcements on products and updates from the folks at Pocket NC.