Pocket NC V2-10 maintanance

Hi. For the last few weeks my pocket NC is working hard every day and i wonder if there is some maintanance exept cleaning that i should do. Like oiling the linear rails and with what kind of oil?

The best maintenance for your Pocket NC machine is to thoroughly vacuum out the nooks and crannies. I have found that an inexpensive paint brush with soft bristles helps sweep the chips out of the hard to reach places while running the vacuum. It’s important to jog the machine to its limits to reach the lead screws not accessible while the machine is in the home position. To thoroughly clean the B disc, rotate the A axis to it positive limit and then jog the B disc back and forth while vacuuming its surface. Gravity helps dislodge chips that have worked into the B disc seam. The trick is to do this routinely and between pieces.

It may seem counter-intuitive to not lubricate the rails, but grease and oil actually attract the small chips and contamination that cause to bind the anti-backlash nuts and linear bearings.

I hope this helps. Thanks for using your Pocket NC mill.

Chuck Knighton,
Pocket NC, Technical Support Specialist


Thank you for the responce, i am cleaning the machine as much as i can.
But i made a mistake and already used a silicon oil on the rails.
maybe i can clean it off with some IPA? I hope i didnt do any sating damadge, so far the machine sounds good.

Isopropyl alcohol will remove most of the residual oil.

Ok thank you, i will remember that. Have a great day

I have one more question. Days are getting quite hot, what is the safe temperature for the spinde? Mine right now is totaly boiling i cant put my hand on it.

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We do not have an upper ambient temperature specification for the spindle motor. It is not uncommon for the V2-10 spindle to get very hot after prolonged use. Air flow across the machine, such as a fan, helps remove this heat, but we have not experienced any major issues due to high operation temperatures.

@Dr.NC - I had the same question about temp. See this thread for responses from the PNC team.

PNC Spindle Temperature

I might just machine a heatsink with a fan and stick it to the side of the spindle. I want this beautifull machine to last as long as possible :slight_smile:

I am willing to collaborate on something like that.

Same here I want this amazing thing to last for a long long time.

This is what I have found so far, but am looking to modify/enhance.

3d printed fan mount for spindle motor.

Very cool. Do you have a step model of the spindle motor? That might help.

I was thinking of using a liquid CPU cooler setup and mounting, the only problem I can see is the problems that might occur due to so much x/z movement of the spindle.

Liquid cooler example

pocket nc v2-10 v1.step (225.2 KB)

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I did think about it too. I bought this realy clever watercooling kit from aliexpress (FREEZEMOD industrial water cooling module 3D printing medical small laser dual fans. SLMZ V B| | - AliExpress)

It isnt costly and works very well. But the problem is that im scared of water around this very expensive machine (its like 10 full salaries for me :confounded:). My PNC is working almost every day for the last month now that i unlocked the true potential of continuous 5 axis machining.

Hi, so im back and because i couldnt find a proper model for the V2-10 i took it upon myself and made one from the existing v2-50 version and just changed the spindle.
V2-10 .step (2.8 MB)

And with the cooling i want to try this. What are your thoughts?

Looks nice. Probably want to rubber mount the fan. Don’t need additional vibration sources on the spindle.