3D models of 2-50 CHK machine and both material holders

Hi, while waiting for the machine to arrive on Monday (big day) I am looking for all the latest models.
I had a go with this atlassian page, but some links are not working (er40 collet model).
I couldn’t find model with CHK spindle as well.

Please point me in the right place to find all models.
Thank you in advance.

We currently do not have a STEP file for the Pocket NC V2-50CHK. Let me know what web browser you are using to download the drawings. The more information I can send to our web developer the better. I could not replicate any broken links when navigating to these model drawing pages.

It can be confusing to see the STEP files as text files, but they will import directly into your CAD/CAM package.

Let me know what you are trying to accomplish with these drawings and I might be able to help.

Thank you for reply, there is not working link download of ER40 fixture: Fusion
And this link is from here.
Tested on Opera,Firefox,Edge and Chrome for you (on Windows10) -always with error ‘taking too long to respond’.
It would be nice to have model of CHK version of tool holder in fusion simulator.
Thanks for any help with models.

Thank you for your help. Our web developer has identified that the issue is with our Confluence software. We are working on getting it fixed.