3D printed upgrades for teh pocket NC V2-10

Hi guys.
This comunity helped me alot so I thought I should give something back.
Here I made a few upgrads (all removable not permanent) to the pocket NC V2-10.

1.Because I will be puting the machine in a box I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade the cooling of the spindle motor because it was getting pretty toasty when in open air. It also doubles as a base for possible future upgrades. It has a 3D printed shroud over the fan so it doesnt get too many chips inside the FAN.

  1. A holder for the cutting tool mist cooler. Held by already existing treaded holes.

  2. A cover over the buttons and ports. I had some problems with chips getting in the ports and i was quite scared it might short something out.

If you find anything useful just contact me and i will gladly share the files :slight_smile: .

Have a great time maching.