5 axis simultaneous set-up

I have not used the full 5 axis. I am ready to exploit it, but am concerned about the rotary axis colliding with the spindle and tool… Of course I will proceed to test out basic stuff. Before I do this, I want to know:

What is the workflow to make sure collisions are avoided?
Are the machine limitation included in the PocketNC kinematics (machine profile)?
Any Fusion files available to see the toolpath settings?

@TitaniumBlue The best way to check your toolpaths for collisions with the machine is to upload and simulate your g-code in our simulator. It will not automatically detect collisions but you will be able to watch the program run at a sped up pace to check for them. It will detect over-travel issues and display them in the summary pane, though. Just make sure you have input your TLO values and work offsets to ensure the most accurate simulation possible. More info on how to use the simulator can be found by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner.

I cannot speak to Fusion’s machine profile and whether it can detect collisions or not. We have not had the bandwidth to sit down and test the profile and its accuracy.

I hope this helps!

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