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Information on how Pocket NC customers configure workholding on the Pocket NC whether it’s off the shelf workholding, custom made on the Pocket NC or made on another machine for the Pocket NC.

I am new to using the pocket NC. I have been using the ER40 collet vice to hold round stock. It works well for deldrin but when I tried wood, the stock would rotate during a roughing engraving rotary toolpath. The collet was as tight as I could get it. I use a lathe to create a mounting tab on the stock. I have a micro 3 jaw chuck from a micro lathe I am not currently using. I have secured the cylinder that screws into the chuck with Loctite so it will hopefully not work itself loose. I have ordered a 13 mm ER40 collet to secure the chuck to the Pocket NC. Hopefully this will work. Has anyone else tried to use one of these micro chucks?