Advice on milling a Shield

We have a project that I am giving a go at, we would like to mill a shield and I am having difficulty figuring out a good strategy with Fusion 360 multi-axis capabilities. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @alan,

We actually did something very similar to this for Independence Day a couple of years ago. I mostly used adaptive for roughing, contour for the diameter and spiral for all of the finishing and detail work.

Here is the final product.

That is very cool!! and exactly what I am looking to learn. I am having a lot of issues, I cant seem to figure this out on my own.

The adaptive roughing I think I can get, however when I try to wrap the toolpath to the respective surface I get an empty toolpath.

I wish I had some screenshots to cheat a little :slight_smile:

Ive never really worked in 5-axis before (other than dentistry where we use 5-axis machines for implant bridges), this seems just a bit trickier to figure out

Thanks for any help

Hi Alan,

I have attached the Fusion file I used to make that part. Please note that it was programmed around center of rotation so if you are using Kinetic Control you will likely want to pick your own WCS origin and set work offsets accordingly.

I hope this helps.

Captain America Shield - Part v24.f3d (1.5 MB)