Automation processes


At my workplace there are 3 cnc machine, and they work quite a while and we are looking to automate the processes using a robotic arm. Therefore, I m thinking to build an interface that will mixt all 3 cnc machine, autoload the file ( we do not cnc same thing , every cut is unique but they keep the same support and centre) for example if I have a costumer named John and he has 9 different models, i m looking to the set the software to assign model 1,4,7 tot cnc 1, model 2,5,8 to cnc 2 , model 3,6, 9 to cnc 3. The user interface will be communicate with a server( most likely an OPC server) that will transmit the information to the CNC and robotic arm to load and unload the CNC.
I have some previous experience with PLC and robotic arm, not so much with interface and software but I have a colleague who does.
Any advices? Is anyone who tried or did something similar?