B axis Wind and Unwind Feature on Kinetic Control

There is a new code, M999 P#, available with Kinetic Control that adjusts the current location of B to be the closest angle to the specified P# without physically moving it. It does this by adding or subtracting a multiple of 360 degrees, such that the resulting position is as close as it can be to the provided P number. Here is an example of it’s use:

After running a program, the B axis has been spun up to B6000. In the MDI panel, running M999 P0 will change the B location to -120. Follow up with a G0 B0 and the machine will move the 120 degrees necessary to be at B0.

Post processors that are compatible with Kinetic Control should perform the above commands at the end of your programs to ensure the shortest path is taken to B0. Users may also put this command into their programs wherever else it may be useful.

Please feel free to reach out to service@pocketnc.com with questions you might have on this new feature.

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