Best true 5 axis CAM software


I was wondering what kind of software are you using to generate your gcode?

Right now i am using fusion 360…its pretty good, but the continuous 5 axis machining is lacking a lot. And the generated toolpaths are sometimes pretty weird. I have heard a lot of good things about Rhino or solid works with CAM extension. Can you recommend something tested?

Thank you for your responses :slight_smile: .

We, SolidCAM have a strong solution for 5 axis machining, indexed as well simultaneous. You can make a try with our solution. (Trial version of SolidCAM can be downloaded from our website).

Also we have a Pocket-NC post-processor available, that can support both either Gcode with coordinate from Rotary pivot point , either Gcode with TCPC ( Kinetic Control) for 4-5 axis simultaneous and RWO ( Rotated Work Offsets) for 4-5 axis indexed depending of your software version. We provide Machine Simulation as well.


What does SolidCAM 5-axis cost and do you charge annual maintenance for it?


Hello Mike,

SolidCAM is configurable and modular.
We works with sub-module so price depend of what you want to include or not in your licence.
Best is to discuss it directly with a local reseller that will evaluate your need and make an appropriate quote regarding it.

Thanks Herve. I can check with the US distributor but hate to bother them if the cost is far beyond my budget.

Thank you for the reply. But i will have to stay with fusion unfortuanetly. SolidCAM looks great but its way too expensive for me.

This is the reason I didn’t mention NXCam until now. Not in the hobby price range. Having said that :partying_face:, the post processor and machine simulation are free to use if you have NXCam up and running. :wink: