Bigger, better PocketNC?

I recall reading a thread a while ago regarding a new, bigger machine. Is that still a thing that is being pursued? If so, what’s the price point? I heard around $15K. How far along is that project? I’d like to start planning on where to put mine😁

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Hi Andre,

Still happening - more info here with a place to sign up for updates. The price point has changed because we decided to target this machine for production, so it is going to be several steps up from the existing Pocket NC machines (coolant, ATC, servo motors, and more bells/whistles). The price point is going to be more as a result.

Kerry, Pocket NC

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Kerry - is there any update on when the new mill might be released? Last I heard was 2022 sometime.

Thanks, Mike

We’re still targeting 2022 in the United States. We still don’t have a concrete timeframe, but will probably be around summer.

Kerry - sounds good. When do you think that you will be able to provide preliminary specs? Stuff like the machine weight, work envelope, machine footprint, power requirement, major features and accessories.

That info would be VERY helpful. I’m trying to plan for a shop and I’d like to know how much room I will need and how I should wire it. I’ve been looking at various options and this one may be the one worth waiting for.

In 2-4 months we should be ready to provide preliminary machine specifications. We are several rounds into prototyping, but things are still subject to change.

Thanks Kerry. I’d expect that whatever specs you release would be preliminary and subject to change until the product actually ships. I’d also be curious to know what air requirements for the machine might be and what sort of spindle speed and HP. Just in case you are keeping a list :grinning:

Really like the recent video - can’t wait for the new mill!

I asked on youtube but I’ll ask here as well.

Care to share the reasons aluminum was chosen for the main structure of the new machine?

Wouldn’t steel, iron, or even epoxy-granite be a better option?

Wouldn’t the other materials have better rigidity and reduce or eliminate the need for active cooling of the main structure while maintaining dimensional stability?

I realize the machine shown in the video is a prototype but all the time, effort, and cost put into cooling the structure leads me to believe aluminum is the final design choice.

I am unaware of any industrial/production level machines that utilize aluminum as the main structure. Of course that doesnt mean they aren’t out there. I’m very curious what others, especially the ones seriously considering purchasing this machine think. I know I am having some reservations about what I’ve seen. Which is why I’m inquiring.

I also prefer box ways for their rigidity :wink::wink::yum:

@Kerry In the last YouTube video on the new machine, it was mentioned that a new software update and simulator would be available toward the end of October. Do you have any more info on that?

Yup - it will be announced Monday - Nov 1 :slight_smile:

Great - thanks for the info!

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