Cutting off part from bar stock after machining

New to the machine and fusion 360. Playing with a part and using 360 I can generate the gcode to do the proper machining but whatever I do to try to cut the part off the round stock seems to have issues. What is the most appropriate operation to use to remove the part from the stock? I’m currently using a rotary contour to remove the part but it wants to do a spiral plunge into the stock which doesnt seem necessary. What I really want is to just rotate the part around the Y and cut it off. Seems like that would be the easiest operation but I can’t seem to figure this out in fusion 360. Any pointers?

The easiest way to part-off is to perform a shallow swarf operation. I have attached our Spiral Part v6
Spiral Part v6.f3z (966.9 KB) file with an example of this operation (its the last tool operation in the setup). The tricky part is that you need the Machining Extension to implement this tool path in Fusion (the Machining Extension allows you to implement simultaneous 5 axis tool paths).

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