Cycle/Start from Kinetic Control UI for TLO measurement


Is there anyway to do a Cycle/Start from the Kinetic Control UI when the machine has been paused for tool insertion during a TLO measurement routine?

I tried the Cycle/Start on the production screen but this seems to reset the GCode rather than knowing that there is already a routine in operation…?

The problem is I have a DIY enclosure but the physical green cycle/start button is not accessible with the enclosure closed. Hence I am stuck in a catch 22 if I have INTERLOCK = 1 set.

Should I leave INTERLOCK = 1 and set PAUSE_ON_TOOL_PROBE to 0?


I tried that and it seemed to work as expected!

What version of Kinetic Control are you using? The cycle/start button in the UI should do the same thing as pushing the physical cycle/start. It sounds like there may be a bug when a program is paused.