DRO setting state

In Kinetic Control interface how to get back to “no active tool” state (dro) ?

@Brevex - The only way that I have managed to complete this action is by shutting down the machine under the Config → Server tab. Close out of the browser, then turn the machine back on and open in browser. I too have the same question for the developers.

G49 can be entered into the MDI panel on the manual tab to disable your active tool length offset.

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Thank you @john

Curious, is there a cheat sheet of sorts for all of the manual codes published somewhere? If no, would it be ok if we started one under the #kinetic-control category?


There are a number of links with helpful information about the G code interpreter that runs on Kinetic Control here: https://pocketnc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PNFUR/pages/1774551045/Kinetic+Control+-+G+Code+Overview

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Marvelous !!!

I have homework to do, thanks as always sir.