Enclosure switch connector pin and functionality details?


I see on the side of the PocketNC a 3 pin connector - I assume for connection to an enclosure. Is there any documentation on this anywhere? I’d like to build my own enclosure and hook into this.


The 3 pin connector is indeed a safety switch connector. The mating connector is manufactured by the Harting Technology Group. Click here to source that part. The two outer pins connect to a Normally Open switch that indicates the state of the enclosure cover (We use a magnetic activated mini-reed switch that has an integrated LED). In the case of the mini-reed switch we use on our enclosures, the red LED is bipolar so the polarity of the wires on the connector does not matter. The Open switch state occurs when the enclosure lid is up and the Closed switch state occurs when the enclosure lid is down. Send an email to service@pocketnc.com if you need more information.