Error mesage: Probe tripped during a joint jog

Hi, I have new error message:
Any idea ? This was again during longer program after tool was changed, but did not reset the program at least.

Hi @piotr, I’ve never seen this during a program. It’s easy to produce this error by jogging the machine and then pressing the tool setter button. If there was an electrical issue with that button, I could see it happening without pushing the button while jogging, but I’m at a loss for how it could have occurred while running a program as the error does not pop up by pushing the button while a program is running. Are you able to reproduce the error you saw? What do you mean by it did not reset the program? Perhaps the error occurred prior to starting the program and it hadn’t been cleared?

Hi @john,
I should express it clearer, will get better with time!
It happened when the tool was measured after I changed the tool - so the error popup appeared after machine measured new tool (timing guessed from observation).
I said the program did not reset because of other problem I had with ‘warm up’ during program and it did reset (or I was so scared and messed-up), but @Q is on this one.
It happened once and then I changed the tool once more and program is still running as we chatting with no problem.

Let me know if you see it again. If we can reproduce it, I’ll do what I can to fix it.