File Organization in Kinetic Control

Attempting to better organize .ngc files within Kinetic Control (KC) production tab.

There are navigation buttons for traversing a directory structure, but I do not see a way to create a structure or place .ngc files within.

See below .gif for observed behavior in KC v5.1.5. (I also seen this in v5.1.3 and .4 versions)

I am running in a latest version of Chrome browser with the machine interfaced to my local network instead of USB.

Am I missing something obvious in the UI, or is this something that is a known bug in KC?


Currently, the only options are meant for copying files to or from a thumb drive inserted into the Pocket NC. We do have plans for implementing features that allow for better organization of files, but no firm timeline.

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Understood, thanks for letting us know that it is on the road map.