Fusion 360 axis setup

Hi guys.
I have a question, Im using Fusion 360 for machining and noticed one thing.
When im trying to machine a long piece of stock I dont want the table to turn because it will crash into the side of the table. So I thought that wouldnt be a problem but then I noticed I cant set the axis up properly so the table wont turn.
I can have the X axis the right way (X+ is to the back side of the machine)

Or I can have the Y axis the right way (Y+ is to the bottom of tha machine)

Or even both X and Y correct but then the Z axis is flipped.

Has anyone solved this? Or am I missing something obvious?
Thank you for the responces and have a great day :slight_smile: .

@Dr.NC the most reliable way to do this is to set your Setup WCS the same as the tool orientation you need for the operations you are trying to complete. Then just manually put the machine in that orientation before you start the program.

This will keep the tool orientation accurate but not cause the machine to move from your desired orientation since there is no difference between your Setup and your operations.

Hopefully this makes sense but if it doesn’t let me know and I will try to explain further.