Fusion 360 Machining Extension gone

Hello all!
Isn’t it a joke? Machining extension gone for paid subscription. Now, we need to pay 200 extra dollars each month for 5 axis? I can’t afford this, many others probably too?! I am just a hobby guy… doing some robotic… lol

Anyone has any affordable option? Is pocket NC able to talk to them and make a contract for Pocket users? I really hope pocket can find a solution for us.
I am at a loss and don’t know what to do know.


Hi @zcedric
Looks like it’s currently $1200 annually. current 25% off spring sale. That’s probably a decent price for what you get. I spend a lot more than that on dinner and drinks annually. :laughing:
I also though there was a free version for students or hobby operators with some limitations?

@zcedric - I agree the rebalancing by Fusion360 team is not ideal. That said I am finding that I can get by with mostly 3+2 tool paths and then use the per day option with cloud credits/ flex tokens (11 per day, $3 per token) for the machining extension (multi-axis) paths.

While still not ideal, it is an option to spend $300 for a year limited usage, instead of $200 per month for unlimited usage.


The point is that we lost it. Unless we pay a lot.
Fusion might has a solution. I am talking to them atm.

yes, if autodesk can not help me… i guess that is the way to go.

So for $3 you can access the manufacturing extensions for a day, is that right? If you access one daily then, the cost comes to $1,095 as opposed to $1,500 for an annual purchase. Why would any user opt for the $1,500 option?

I think it is 11 credits a day, which is 11 times 3… which is 33 dollars a day.

Thanks - that’s not so economical then.

Clarification to make this as clear as mud…

1 flex token = $3
1 day machining extension = 11 tokens

1 day access = $33

To note, when I purchased F360 (prior to March 29, 2022), it included 100 cloud credits, which have since been rebranded to flex tokens.

Cloud Credits - Now Deprecated for new purchase, but existing ones are valid until March 29, 2023
Flex Tokens

The 1 day machining extension was 25 cloud credits ($1/per) before March 29, 2022.

At least Autodesk hasn’t figured out a way to bill annually for the Gcode that F360 generates. They are probably working on that, though.