Fusion -PNC Machine parameters- causing alerts

I keep getting warnings about spindle speed limitation feed limits etc…
I have a V2-50, and it is selected in my Fusion set-up.
I tried editing the machine parameters, but not getting improvements…
Any suggestions?

@TitaniumBlue could you send over a screenshot of the warnings you are getting? Feel free to share the Fusion file as well.

We will take a look and see what we can offer for a solution.


Here is the file:

Thank you for your offer to help,

After taking a look at your file, it looks like the issue was with the machine definition. The Machine configuration file that Fusion has available for the Pocket NC has the max feed rate set too low, so a lot of the error were coming from that.

When I removed the machine selection from the Setup all the warnings went away. If you want to keep using the machine selection you will need to edit the machine parameters to make sure they match the actual specs of the machine.

In general, we recommend not selecting a machine in the setup and just using our simulator (https://sim.pentamachine.com) when you are ready to check that your g-code will run correctly.

Q, Thank you for your patience.
I remember you indicated to “not define” the machine in your Kinetic control tutorial.
Will do.

By the way, my pieces are made and I love the machine.

@TitaniumBlue Awesome! I am glad you were able to complete your parts and are enjoying your machine.

Happy machining!