G code not working with Work Offsets

hello i have g code problem not working correctly with the offsets

First Video operation Gcode : used Stock point as WCS origin

Second Video operation G code : used B offset machine as WCS origin

should i reset the work offsets on the machine every time i change stock and vise
or its a CAM problem ?

Thank you

Hi @Okba,

Are you setting your work offsets with:

  • A and B at zero?
  • Your tool’s TLO active when setting the Z axis work offset?

You have to do both of the above for the work offsets to work properly.

You are welcome to send over your CAM file (if you are using Fusion 360), your work offsets and your TLO for the tool you are using and we can take a look.

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Hello again qrothing

thank you for the fast reply

i did understand to active tool’s TLO and resst the z work offsets i will do it again

this TLO and Z axis work offset i used in the both videos

yes i use fusion to setup the post prosses this is the file ( WCS - Point on stock )

Point12new v5 v12.f3d (7.0 MB)

Thank you for sending all of that over.

I am not having any luck replicating the problem. When I post process the g-code out of your Fusion file using the Pocket NC post processor available in the Fusion library, I get a g-code program that looks correct in the simulator as long as I put in the work offsets shown in the screenshot you provided.

Are you using the Pocket NC post that is available in the Fusion library and making sure that Rotated work Offsets is not disabled in the post properties window?

Do you have any more information that might help discover why your tool paths appear to be offset?

Hello again

I will do it all over again

Place the vice and stock

Set TLO and the z work offsets

And try with same gcode because i didn’t use RWO

And i will update you

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Hello @qrothing
" problem fixed "

  • i modify a Tool length below holder in the Fusion library exactly the TLO

  • used the Pocket NC post from the fusion library and Disabled RWO just to test one side

this is the result

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