G5X Persistence

In Kinetic Control 5.5.8, it appears that the active coordinate system no longer persists between restarts of the machine? I could be mis-remembering the exact behavior

Hi @sgh,

Could you explain a little further? Do you mean that the machine has a different G5x offset active after restart than it did when shutdown? For example, you were working in G56 when you shut the machine down but when you restarted, G54 was active instead.

Or are certain G5x offset values being reset/erased after restart? For example, you were using G54 and had values set for X, Y and Z when you shut the machine down. Then, upon restart, there are no values set for G54, they are all zero.

Hey there,

Okay, looks like the bug is much less significant than I originally feared. It appears that every time I restart my machine, it is set into a mythical “G5x” workspace:

Repro Steps:

  1. Select G54 from the workspace dropdown
  2. Enter some values for X, Y, & Z (or A & B)
  3. Restart the machine using the power switch

Observed Behavior:

  • Machine restarts in “G5X” Workspace
  • If I attempt to select G54 from the dropdown, the dropdown menu closes, the selected dropdown state does not change from “G5X”, and no values appear in the axes values. If I select G55 (or others), I am then able then select G54 and my set values are restored

I think in previous builds, the machine restored to the last used coordinate space automatically? But I could be mis-remembering. Happy to upload logs if that helps with the bug.


Thanks for the update!

Someone from our software team may reach out for more info in the future but this will definitely be noted and we will address it as soon as possible.