Gcode dont work when i Change the tool


I was working fine with the long Tool with this TLO and DRO

i changed to this Tool


i used the post possess a gcode from fusion
it doesn’t work i get this msg

i have some qsts

  1. When i change to tool Do i have to make another DRO and TLO for this Tool ?
  2. when i change the stock and keep the same tool do i have to recalculate the DRO ?
  3. when i change the tool in the machine i duplicate modify ( the length below holder in fusion library too ) and then use it , is this correct

thank you

It sounds like you may have checked use radius arcs in your post processor. Is that the case? If so, I would recommend unchecking that box.

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You should always measure your tool, which sets the tool length offset. Your work offsets shouldn’t need to change if only your tool changes.

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If your stock changes, then you likely need to update your work offsets.

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Thank you for the fast reply the radius arcs in unchecked this is my post possess settings

So if the tool change or the stock we need to update the offsets
the work offsets + TLO active

like that ?

Can you post your G code that is giving the radius arc error?

yeah sure !

Bague Gcode 050424 Update .ngc (1.3 MB)

Is it possible you’re using an old version of Fusion or an old post processor? The G code isn’t outputting G6.2 codes, which I would expect when using TCPC. It seems like the tool isn’t being properly positioned before entering TCPC, which leads to an incorrect arc move.

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OKEY about the update this one works fine for the longer tool i used before this gcode 3 days ago
Bague 1.6 model gcode 01.ngc (4.5 MB)

That one is also missing G6.2 codes, but the toolpath properly outputs an X, Y and Z position before going into an arc move in TCPC, so the issue is luckily avoided. If all that is changing is the tool length, I would expect that program to work with a different tool.

yeah thanks sorry i was out town
you are right it works perfectly with the long tool
so what should i do to avoid this problem - Change the cam ? update fusion ? i understand that its a post possess error

I would definitely recommend staying up to date with Fusion. Are you using the latest Pocket NC post? There will soon be a Penta Machine post that replaces the Pocket NC one, but either one should properly output those G6.2 codes.