Generic test piece

Hi there, I’m looking at buying a second hand Pocket NC is there any generic test pieces around which work well at checking geometrical accuracies? Any guides for a fairly quick check?

I did search the forum for test and test pieces but not much came up, but hopefully this isn’t a repost.



Any part that has features on multiple sides that should line up where they meet will do a pretty good job of showing the machine’s accuracy.

Having said that, the machine can always come back to us for recalibration. What is more important is how good of shape the components of the machine are in.

I would look for a machine that does not have signs of crashes, is clean (including its nooks and crannies) and has a good sounding spindle.

Thanks for the response. Sadly I missed out on it. So will get back to the drawing board. Do you have representation in the UK for calibration etc ?


Yes that would be helpful, to have somebody here in Europe for calibration.
At least when you start shipping Solo to Europe.

Bummer, sorry you missed out on the machine, @CTOWN!

Unfortunately, we do not have someone in the UK capable of performing complete calibration of the machine. Our process for V2 calibration requires large, expensive equipment that would be very difficult for our distribution partners to obtain so it is not really an option right now.

The Solo will likely be a different story, but that will be determined as we get closer to international sales.

I see, how much do you think the Solo will cost when that lands?


They are taking orders for the 1st commercial machines now:

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