Hand Held Console jog control

I’ve setup the Hand Held Console from madewithcnc.com and have configured. It works great and is very nice build quality. I have found one issue, when I configure the jog to increment as LINEAR_JOG_INCR_BASE = 0.0039370078740157 I don’t get jogging on the third decimal place for A and B axis but I do get third decimal place jogging on the XY and Z axis. This is not consistent with the Browser UI buttons when set to 0.001 jogging and pressing the + and - UI buttons.
Can this be resolved?

The rotary base increment is set separately than the linear increments. It defaults to 1 degree, so the smallest increment is .01 degrees. You could change the base increment to .1 to make the smallest increment .001. The INI variable for the rotary axes is ROTARY_JOG_INCR_BASE.

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Hello John
That solved my request. Thank you very much for the fast reply.