How do I get the latest version of KC?

How do I get the latest version of KC?

If you already have a machine with Kinetic Control, you can follow the instructions in the manual:[hardBreak]Software-Section

First connect the machine to the internet by connecting it to your network via Ethernet. Then, you go to the Config tab, Server tab, then Shutdown the services and click the update button.

If you are running the legacy software, you’ll need to purchase a microSD card with the Kinetic Control software from here: Kinetic Control Update — Penta Machine Co.

Hi John,
thanks for the response. When I do this I get:

error: Error resolving “”: Temporary failure in name resolution

You’ll get that error if your machine isn’t able to connect to the internet. Have you connected your machine to your router with an Ethernet cable?

Thanks John. I haven’t got the facilities to do that.

If you aren’t able to connect your machine to the internet, you’ll have to reach out to and they can help get you sorted out.

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Thanks John for your reply