How to get started on 3+2 CAM programming?

Hi all,

In this post from Q Rothing he states (apologies if pronoun is wrong):

we have found that most of our customers do not need anything more than the basic license with the 3+2 toolpaths and basic 5 axis toolpaths.

Are there any basic tutorials for this?

I’ve used F360’s CAM and Solidworks CAM for 3axis machining a fair amount in the past and a very limited amount of basic CNC turning. I believe I have my work located appropriately to the base of the machine but by default it’s milling a side of the cube which I don’t want to mill. I want it rotated 90deg so the tool is parallel to the axis of the work holding collet. How can I do this? Apologies if this is super basic stuff.


Hey @khokeson!

Our First Part Tutorial is probably the best free resource for this.

If your machine is running the legacy software you will want to take a look at this version. If your machine is running Kinetic Control you will want to use this version.

Another great option is our Pocket NC 101 course (let us know if you are using Legacy software and we can get you access to that version of the course).

I hope this helps!

I found the tutorial pages after posting. Thank you so much for the support tho - I’ll be running through these. :crossed_fingers:


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