Improvement Wishlist #2

a) Simulator/Machine: Let me copy/paste all G54 settings from the Kinetic Control UI to the Penta simulator. Currently I have to copy every single value.

b) When deleting the current active NC file via SFTP from “./ncprograms/”, the machine requires a reboot afterwards. Also a “disk” file change “in background” should be detected and force a re-activation.

c) Something is wrong with (MSG,…) messages. Not all messages end up in the message log.

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. The next release of Kinetic Control will have our initial integrations with the simulator into the control. It syncs tool offsets, work offsets and the loaded program automatically. Stay tuned!

  2. I’ll make a note of this. We definitely want to improve workflows that bypass the UI.

  3. We’ve seen this behavior as well and it seems to be a bug in LinuxCNC. We’d like to track it down at some point. We’ve found that using (log,) instead is more reliable, but would require you to monitor the file you log to rather than see a notification in the UI.

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Hi John,
thx for your answers.

ad 3) Yes I also recognized this. A workaround could be to optionally also show all (LOG,) messages in the UI. Additionally it would be helpful, if not just the last message pops up in the UI but a list of e.g. the last recent 5…10. Currently I always have to click on the icon, when the message “Load Tool, then press…” is shown - as I output the tool information to which I shall change, right before (my PP allows me to print the article number of the tool and not just the tool number)