Interfacing with Pocket NC V2-50 via WebSockets

Hi all,

I am currently trying to control our Pocket NC via web sockets in order to control it via an application on our side.

I have already researched the “put” and “get” sections in the respective server control on GitHub:

I can successfully login via websocket and, e.g., set and get the E-Stop status.

But, going further, I’d like to retrieve all “get” and “put” items as described by LinuxCNC via

  • list_get and
  • list_put

For those two items, the Rockhopper server does not answer with anything and, basically, runs into a timeout. Is there a location where to find more information about the inner workings of the put and get commands?

Thanks for any advice in advance and kind regards,

Unfortunately, the list_get and list_put commands are currently not working. In the next release they will will be fixed,

Hi @john,

thanks for your feedback. Looking forward to new releases =)

Happy Independence Day and kind regards,