Issues w/ dowel pins for the PNC vise

I’ve been having some trouble w/ accuracy w/ parts in the PNC vise. I realized I hadn’t used any locating pins to locate it and if I loosen the central screw a bit there’s significant play. I looked up the instructions for how to install the vise and sure enough it wants you to locate the vise w/ two dowel pins inside the adapter, however The dowel pins don’t stay in the adapter holes, they just fall through, and I can’t get them into the bottom of the vise. Video: Pocket NC vise dowel pin woes - YouTube

Is something wrong w/ my vise, or am I (as a noob) missing something obvious?

Insert the pins into the B table and then put the vise on. The table uses blind holes whereas the vise is through hole. I haven’t had any issues with them falling out of the table.

Thanks Dreddi,

These pins don’t make direct contact w/ the B table, they’re for mounting the vise to the adapter. I don’t have any issues w/ the pins that go into the B table and position the adapter.

I apologize, I should have viewed your video. It appears to me you may have an out of spec vise. All my pins are very close tolerance.

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Hi Jake,

It does look like you have received an out of spec vise and and vise adapter. I would be happy to get a replacement of each sent out to you as soon as possible. Please send me an email with a summary of this issue, your machine serial number and your preferred shipping address and contact phone number. Once I receive that information I will get those items on their way to you.


Q Rothing

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