Kinetic control functions

It appears the “Run from line #” feature was removed from the software interface. I’d like to request that be reimplemented in the next revision.

Another suggestion would be to enable single line mode prior to cycle start, similar to the optional stop toggle which would allow running single line from the very beginning of the program instead of hitting cycle start followed by quickly clicking on single line.

I’m really enjoying using the new control software and the interface is quite elegant. Only just now noted these two items which would be nice to haves. Kudos to the team!!

We’re happy to hear you’re liking Kinetic Control! We found that the run from line function caused more confusion than success as it requires understanding that the previous lines will not run, so your modal state when jumping directly to a specific line may not be the same as when running the program from the beginning. We do plan to bring it back in a more hidden place for more advanced usage (likely in a context menu in the G code editor after clicking on a specific line).

We’ve had similar requests for the single step to start a program so you don’t have to quickly pause the program before single stepping, so it’s on the list.

Thanks for the feedback!