Linear bearings cover

Im just getting to know my new pocket nc V2-10 but im a bit nervous about the bare linear guides.
When im machining aluminum isnt it going to get inside the linear bearing? Is there any ready made solution or i should think of something myself? Thank you for the quick responce, love the machine.


The linear bearing cars have wipers on them so as long as the chip size is not too small, the wipers should keep chips and debris from working their way into the bearing car.

Having said that, it certainly would not hurt to put some sort of cover over them to minimize the amount of debris that falls on and around the rail. Many users have made their own “accordion style” covers and then adhered them to the X carriage and trunnion. See attached picture as an example.

Regular vacuuming of the machine will also go a long way in keeping those rails and bearing cars clear of debris. We recommend a thorough vacuuming after every part.

I hope this helps!

Q Rothing

Way cover example|399x500

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