M Code greater than 199 Alert?

Hi All

Ive started getting an alert on some of my toolpaths that says:

“M code greater than 199: M999”

and I was wondering what this meant, couldnt find it on the pocket nc site under error codes. I haven’t changed anything about my CAM post process set up (Fusion 360) as far as I know. Im quite a ways into a part and dont want to continue and risk ruining it until I understand this alert message.

Thanks in advance, Cal

Hi Cal,
I have the same problem with Fusion 360.I guess something wrong with Fusion 360 Post Processors.
You can delete the line, which has M999, from G-code. Then you can run process.


Hi Cal,

Sami is correct. The issue is with the recently released Fusion 360 post processor. It is outputting that M999 code for a new feature that is only available with Kinetic Control, so any machines running the old control software will error when trying to run code that was posted with the new post processor.

We have reached out to Fusion 360 to work on getting a parameter added to the post processor window so that users can turn that feature off. In the meantime, you can go to the online post library, download the previous version and then upload it to your local post library for use.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!

Q Rothing
Applications Engineer, Pocket NC

Thanks for the help everyone, I re processed some old toolpaths to find the additional lines and removed them and everything went fine. And now it seems the post processor has been updated and the problem is no longer a problem :slightly_smiling_face: