Machining horizontal round stock

It’s now working but I have to play around with the Y offset to the tool cutting the stock. Do you need to subtract the diameter and not just the radius in this case?

Thank you all for the help.

In the Fusion setup, are you setting the origin to the top of your stock? Perhaps you’re setting it to the top of your model, in which case the tool path would be further away.

I tried both and it made no difference ???

it’s probably a heights thing

I took a look at your Fusion file and the Setup orientation is what your tool path orientation should be. The orientation of your Setup should match how it is when A and B are at 0. Take a look:
SetupWithYUpToolpathZUp v1.f3d (969.1 KB)

Yes I made that change. It;s not easy getting Y to go vertical. Just clicking on a vertical edge isn’t enough.

I see, perhaps you need to add the radius of your tool rather than subtract it. The position that the DRO shows when the tool is touching off your stock should be a positive value that matches the radius of your tool because the center of your tool is that far above the origin of your G54 offset.

in case you have problem with selecting axis in fusion setup - you can select different pair and/or select cylindrical part to show the direction like here:

and here:

I ended up clicking randomly all over the model til it changed ha ha

As for setting the correct Y offset value, you can click the Set DRO button to set the appropriate value once your tool is touching off the top of the stock when A and B are at 0:
Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 1.16.26 PM

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 1.15.40 PM

In this case I’m setting the DRO to .125, which I would do if I had a .25" tool diameter.

Hopefully it’s all sorted out now. Thanks again for all the help.

I have a similar problem suddenly. By testing SetupWithYUpToolpathZUp v1.f3d

Z moves negative to much early in the code.
I tested the example above and on line 21 Z moves to -10.414 which is about 50 mm below top of stock (would crash tool). I must make a simple misstake.
Any ideas?






N10 G21

N15 G90 G94 G40 G17 G91.1

N20 G53 G0 Z0.


N25 M5

N30 G53 G0 X63.5 Y63.5

N35 M0

N40 T10 M6

N45 S8500 M3

N50 G54 G0

N55 G53 G0 X63.5 Y63.5

N60 G0 A90. B-180.

N65 M254 P9

N70 G59.3 G0

N75 G43 H10

N80 G0 X-11.999 Y5.

N85 Z-10.414 <---------------------------

N90 M428

N95 G0 Y1.

N100 G1 Y0.15 F333.33

N105 G3 X-11.399 Y-0.45 I0.6 J0. F1000.

N110 G1 X11.399

N115 X13.588

N120 G18 G2 Z-6.669 I0. K1.872

N125 G1 X-13.588

N130 X-14.21

N135 G3 Z-2.925 I0. K1.872

N140 G1 X14.21

N145 G2 Z0.819 I0. K1.872

N150 G1 X-14.21

N155 G3 Z4.564 I0. K1.872

N160 G1 X-14.096

N165 X14.096

N170 G2 Z8.308 I0. K1.872

N175 G1 X12.867

N180 X-12.867

N185 G17 G2 X-13.467 Y0.15 I0. J0.6

N190 G0 Y2.

N195 X-11.999 Z-10.414

N200 Y1.

N205 G1 Y-0.35 F333.33

N210 G3 X-11.399 Y-0.95 I0.6 J0. F1000.

N215 G1 X11.399

N220 X13.588

N225 G18 G2 Z-6.669 I0. K1.872

N230 G1 X-13.588

N235 X-14.21

N240 G3 Z-2.925 I0. K1.872

N245 G1 X14.21

N250 G2 Z0.819 I0. K1.872

N255 G1 X-14.21

N260 G3 Z4.564 I0. K1.872

N265 G1 X-14.096

N270 X14.096

N275 G2 Z8.308 I0. K1.872

N280 G1 X12.867

N285 X-12.867

N290 G17 G2 X-13.467 Y-0.35 I0. J0.6

N295 G0 Y2.

N300 X-11.999 Z-10.414

N305 Y1.

N310 G1 Y-0.85 F333.33

N315 G3 X-11.399 Y-1.45 I0.6 J0. F1000.

N320 G1 X11.399

N325 X13.588

N330 G18 G2 Z-6.669 I0. K1.872

N335 G1 X-13.588

N340 X-14.21

N345 G3 Z-2.925 I0. K1.872

N350 G1 X14.21

N355 G2 Z0.819 I0. K1.872

N360 G1 X-14.21

N365 G3 Z4.564 I0. K1.872

N370 G1 X-14.096

N375 X14.096

N380 G2 Z8.308 I0. K1.872

N385 G1 X12.867

N390 X-12.867

N395 G17 G2 X-13.467 Y-0.85 I0. J0.6

N400 G0 Y2.

N405 X-11.999 Z-10.414

N410 Y1.

N415 G1 Y-1.35 F333.33

N420 G3 X-11.399 Y-1.95 I0.6 J0. F1000.

N425 G1 X11.399

N430 X13.588

N435 G18 G2 Z-6.669 I0. K1.872

N440 G1 X-13.588

N445 X-14.21

N450 G3 Z-2.925 I0. K1.872

N455 G1 X14.21

N460 G2 Z0.819 I0. K1.872

N465 G1 X-14.21

N470 G3 Z4.564 I0. K1.872

N475 G1 X-14.096

N480 X14.096

N485 G2 Z8.308 I0. K1.872

N490 G1 X12.867

N495 X-12.867

N500 G17 G2 X-13.467 Y-1.35 I0. J0.6

N505 G0 Y2.

N510 X-11.999 Z-10.414

N515 Y1.

N520 G1 Y-1.4 F333.33

N525 G3 X-11.399 Y-2. I0.6 J0. F1000.

N530 G1 X11.399

N535 X13.588

N540 G18 G2 Z-6.669 I0. K1.872

N545 G1 X-13.588

N550 X-14.21

N555 G3 Z-2.925 I0. K1.872

N560 G1 X14.21

N565 G2 Z0.819 I0. K1.872

N570 G1 X-14.21

N575 G3 Z4.564 I0. K1.872

N580 G1 X-14.096

N585 X14.096

N590 G2 Z8.308 I0. K1.872

N595 G1 X12.867

N600 X-12.867

N605 G17 G2 X-13.467 Y-1.4 I0. J0.6

N610 G0 Y5.

N615 M429

N620 G49

N625 G53 G0 Z0.

N630 G53 G0 X63.5 Y63.5

N635 G54 G0

N640 G0 A0. B0.

N645 M30