Machining horizontal round stock

Has anyone managed to machine round stock that is turned 90 degrees by the A axis so that it is horizontal. I only want to machine one end of the stock. I then need to turn it back 90 degrees to bore a hole through the side.

1234.ngc (1.6 MB)

I get an error: Linear move on line 20 would exceed joint 0’s positive limit.

Hi, is it something like this I am doing ?

if so - you have to make sure you have your XYZ pointing to the right direction for the setup and then operations (2-50 KC).

Ive tried every possible combination of orientation. I can get it working in the pnc sim but the moment I run a cycle it stops after line 19 or 20.

how are you setting up the zero point for the stock ? is that you have G54 with X and Z at 0.000 and you set only the Y offset by touching off the top of the stock in vertical position and accounting for the tool diameter ? or different way ? Tool is not too short/long ? It really should work I am working a lot with round stock and milling them on sides and from top.

Edit: If you put G54 offsets from machine to the simulator - is it still works in simulator ?


I rotate the A axis 90 degrees and just touch off Z. Returning A axis to zero

What I do is: touching the top of stock (vertically) with side of tool from top and typing in half of diameter of tool as Y offset to the G54. I took picture for you:

And the only offset you must provide is Y (half of diameter of tool), and make sure you have the Z and X offsets zeroed - from this moment the machine should be at X=0,Z=0, and Y=“tool radius” - indicating relative position to the point you set in the fusion setup.

Ok, thank you for trying to help. I tried that. I get an error:

Linear move on line 17 would exceed joint O’s positive limit

Line 17: N65 G1 X11.999 Y-10.414 F5000.

I’m sure the X number should be a negative. Ive tried switching the X axis around but that doesnt solve anything and often it wont post out.

Very weird, to eliminate your setup in fusion
test_for_sharp.ngc (4.4 KB)

Please test it in the simulator first.
I have generated code from my fusion, and this is only facing operation , you could try dry cut (with no stock material) just to see if you got error.

I’m quite busy, but trying my best to help.

I really appreciate your help thank you.

Ran that code. Did a touch off on Y then removed the stock as the tools dont match.

error: Linear move on line 21 would exceed joint 0’s positive limit
invalid params in linear command

Ran the code without touching off

error: Linear move on line 21 would exceed joint 0’s positive limit

@Sharp what is your tool length offset for tool 4. Also, what is stored in your G54 offsets?

Right, lets start a fresh

Here’s what I’m trying to do

Here’s the code:
000999.ngc (5.5 MB)

Here’s the offsets and tool

Here’s a typical error

these might be clearer

Screenshot (84)

The set up is from Q so I know that’s right

It looks like you have some G92 offsets in place as well. That seems like the source of the issue to me. Try clearing those G92 offsets (the column to the right of the G5X offsets).

Cleared them. Now the spindle comes to the centre but the Y is way too high and the A plate doesn’t rotate. There’s no command for A90 in the code near the start.

You’ll need to touch off Y again if those G92 offsets were in place when you set it.

If there’s no A90 in the posted G code, then your Fusion setup isn’t correct.

The setup is from Q though

Impossible .f3d (993.2 KB)

OK progress. Although the tool is about 2mm away from the stock even though I touched off

EDIT: I forgot to subtract the tool radius

No, still a few mm short of the stock