Made with CNC Controller stops working

Sunday Night update.
As of today the Pendent has not lost communications. This test has been going on for 7 days and before I couldn’t get past 2 days.
Looks like the problem is the USB extender board.
Not sure where to go from here.
Contemplating multiple next steps:

  1. Reinstall extender and test again.

  2. Fix shield that is broken, secure female USB connector to board better and reinstall then test

  3. Fix shield that is broken and clean solder connections on extender then test.

  4. Find another way to extend the USB connection out of the main body.

Any thought from others?
Rob McInerney

Mine still running with no disconnection and no hardware change. Just the V5.6 update which happened at the same time as my last reboot.
I’ll leave it as is for now.

@rob_mcinerney thank you for the pictures and explanation of what you have been experiencing. The arcing you are seeing on that extension board is certainly not good and is something we should try to resolve. We now produce those extension boards a little differently and I think the change will help your situation.

If you can shoot us an email at with your shipping address, phone number and machine serial number, we can get a new extension board on its way to you.