Make a offer thinking of selling the pocket nc

thinking of selling my pocket nc located in the grater seattle area

Pocket NC v2 10 (without the 250 dollar software update)

Machine suits enclosure for it

Assorted tooling

some machining wax and aluminum bar stock

here are the links to the items

pocket nc v2-10 6500

accessory Bundel 825

wax and al stock 120

machine suits enclosure 750

i will donate it to a local community college if no one take it I don’t really want to ship it

used it a few times but i mostly just machine things on manual latheth and mill

i thought that i would save money on tooling in getteing a 5axis mill but for 1 or 2 parts doing it by hand makes the most sense

make me a offer worst i do is say no

I can do 5500 depending on where you are located.

Hey Drake, where are you located? I have a very similar setup for that price. Not trying to step on toes- about to make my own post shortly.

I messaged you get back to me when you can

Thank you! Just sent a reply.

Do you still have this machine? Clif

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