Making Threads with V2-10

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We have an V2-10 and we machine aluminum parts . I want making threads with the machine but I have no experience with it.

I found a tool for it but I am not sure if its fit for operation with our machine. I want to make threads from M1 to M6. I attached the link for the tool,but if you have an advice I am open for it.

Also I am using Fusion 360 for CAM Processes. I also need your help on this. Which processes that I should use for making that process.

Thread Tool

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Rigid tapping will not work unless you can sync spindel and Z-movement. Normal speed for tapping is in the range 50-100 RPM or slower), can you run the spindle motor that slow? Probably easier to tap by hand or on another machine.

Thread milling should work, shouldn’t it?

Can you explain how to do it?

Not directly, but here’s some food for thought:

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I wasn’t familiar with the expression Threadmill. You should be able to do that in the PocketNC.
The bits are 500% more expensive than taps. :slight_smile:

True, but a single point threadmill can make several different thread forms so you can save money that way. Just try to break as few thread mills as possible.

Thanks you for your comments.
I bought a single tooth thread mill. When it arrive,I will try it and if I do not forget I can share the results with you

SamiF - keep in mind that the thread mill may be limited in the thread pitches that it can handle. Do you have a link to the thread mill that you purchased?

Hi Mike,

The pitch values that I need are 0.75 and 0.5. I attached the link below, and the dimensions are D3.0x13x1.9xD3xL50

Thread mill

Hi @SamiF
It looks like that tool needs a 1.9mm minimum hole in the center first. In your initial post you were after 1mm -6mm threads. This tool will be good for 2mm-6mm you will need another tool for the 1mm threads.