Milling Aluminum Stock

I was wondering what the proper settings would be to machine out the aluminum cube stock from Penta Machine Co? I am doing it through Fusion360, and I am unsure what spindle RPM and cutting feedrate I should use (among other settings) for my 2-flute, 1/8" carbide endmill.

I keep running into an issue where my operation gets stuck in the middle cutting and the spindle stops spinning. I am unsure if it’s a heating/coolant issue, if my Fusion360 settings are improper, etc.

I have attached a spreadsheet and short document that contains the recommended speeds and feeds for a 3 mm single flute flat end mill, which is a good starting point for your 1/8" 2 flute endmill. This spreadsheet was created for the V2-50 model. If your model machine is a V2-10, then you can begin by using the speeds and feeds recommended on our User Resources page, click here. Use the speed and feed slider on the Pocket NC user interface to optimize your cut as you approach the trouble area. Once you determine optimum speed and feed values, you can update the tool operations in Fusion 360.
V2-50 - Aluminum.xlsx (35.3 KB)
V2-50 Speeds and Feeds for Aluminum and Brass.pdf (185.9 KB)

This is a pretty good feed and speed calculator that isn’t too expensive and is easy to use: