New to the machine initial questions


I just bought a V2-50 CHK. I don’t expect the machine to arrive for a week or so but am starting to get prepped. I have some other CNC machines (VMC & lathe). I have been looking around to try to sort out some basics. A few questions:

  1. Is there a STEP that has the working envelope of the machine defined? I use Fusion360 for basic CAD work and all of my CAM work. Trying to get the environment set up.
  2. What edge finding techniques are used with the machine? I use a Haimer Taster for all of my other machines. Not sure what folks use with this machine. Input is welcome.
  3. The CHK spindle seems to have a pretty uncommon collet system - or I am missing something. Does anyone know what the collect standard is and if there is a larger selection of diameters?



I use this for instance:—3D-Measuring-sensor-6411-9688.html?language=en
But you have to modfiy the machine a little - informations can be found on internet.

Thank you WilWeber - that looks like a nice unit. I will look for the modifications necessary!


Thanks for the purchase @jam2112!

Here are a few more answers to your questions:

  1. All of the available models of the machine can be found here.
  2. Any edge finding tools that will fit into a 1/4" collet (or smaller) should work. Otherwise, many of our users simply use manual touch-offs or the “paper trick”.
  3. The CHK spindle uses a Nakanishi CHK collet. It is a proprietary collet that goes directly into the spindle (no tool holder). We offer a variety of sizes on our website but you can find even more options here.

Hope this helps!

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I use the 3D Finder probe on the V2-10
it has there a better reach with the short toolholder