NX postprocessor PUI file is empty

Hi, I got the postprocessor for NX cam from Siemens posthub and would like to modify the post a bit because the machine’s B-axis rotated coordinates have some wrong offset.
But when I used the post constructor to open the supplied PUI file, it is actually empty.

I saw the link Siemens NXCAM Post Processor and Machine Simulation Kit and it seems that the one on Siemens’s posthub is the same one. Does it mean that this postprocessor is created by the author not by the PocketNC company?

May I get the original source file of PUI somewhere? I’ve also PM’ed Paul but anyone else may point me to the right direction.

Thanks a lot!

BTW, @TokyoPav , I got a 4mm NAKANISHI spindle lock and works great as most of the blades I got are 4mm. Thank you ~

Hi @bison
It’s made with post configurator so is typically empty. Post builder will give an error on this file. You must use post configurator.

I see. Then it is much easier. Thanks a lot!
However, currently the machine spindle doesn’t rotate anymore.

Re download the kit and re install. Them use post configurator to modify if you need. Don’t forget to modify the 4th to 5th axis pivot distance to get the correct accuracy for your machine.

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