PAF-H54 Self Centering Vise Adapter

Hi All
I have created a vise adapter for the relatively cheap PAF-H54 Self Centering Vise.
I had it 3D MFJ printed from PA12( HP’s nylon12 plastic with excellent mechanical properties) @Shapeways.
Took about 1 week from order to shipping to Japan.
Just one more option for work holding on the PocketNC.
4 x Dowels and 4 x 4mm screws from the front before installing the vice.
4 x 6mmx15mm cap screws from the back after clamping to the B axis.
Location of the vise on the adapter is via the outside shape and internal features. Very tight fit for zero movement whilst machining. Added benefit as the machine warms up the large spigot that goes into the spindle becomes a tight fit also zero movement, overall I’m happy with the result but I’m sure other could improve if needed.
Required a little bit of fitting straight from shapes ways, i.e. ream the dowel holes, smooth the contact faces for good fit.

STEP and Parasolid(NX12 for maximum compatibility with what I see in the wild) files attached. If you need another format let me know I will share.
PAF-H54_vise_adapter_ap203.stp (101.9 KB)
PAF-H54_vise_adapter_nx12.x_t (98.1 KB)

Hope somebody else can use this


Thanks for sharing the STEP and x_t files - makes it much easier to customise, if so desired.

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