Penta Solo at IMTS 2022

Illness prevented me from attending IMTS this past week to get a look at the new Solo machine. If any potential Solo customers here got a look at the machine, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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So… not sure if this is supposed to be live yet, but here is something for Solo in sim…

IMTS Solo Sim Demo

and this from Instagram

IMTS Solo Preview from Instagram

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Here are all the simulator demos we showed at IMTS:



Touch screen demo (best suited for desktop or larger screens):

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Please just take my money already :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, really excited what the team is doing and looking forward to being a consumer of this new machine once it is made available.

I’m pretty much at the same point, pending the list of features and accessories as well as a detailed price list. I’m guessing that may be at least a few months away, though.

@John - thanks for posting those links!

Do you have any idea when a price list for the base unit and options might be available?

Also, what sort of computer will be used as the control interface for the new Solo? I believe that the Pocket NC V2 mills used Chromebook laptops for that purpose.

Here is a tentative spec sheet that we gave out at IMTS. The machine is still in development, so these could change before release.
solo-spec-sheet.pdf (141.9 KB)

The price that we’re targeting is $70,000. We don’t plan to have many options, especially immediately at release, but may eventually offer options like a different spindle speed or device to control it.

All of our machines sell with Kinetic Control, our web-based interface and controller. This is internal to the machine and a user must communicate with it using an external device such as a tablet or laptop. We used to offer a chromebook with the V2, but don’t any more. It’s up to the user to provide their own device for the V2. For the Solo, we plan to sell it with an iPad and magic keyboard for the main interface (you can see a picture of it in the spec sheet), but may offer different mounting options so a laptop could be used instead.


@John - Thanks for the added info. Will a probe, the tool changer, the IPad/magic keyboard and coolant system be standard or optional features?

Sorry to bug you with these questions - just trying to budget ahead of time.

The plan is for them to all be standard features.

That’s good news - Solo is looking more attractive all the time.

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