Pocket NC Mill V2-10 for sale - excellent condition

Hello, I’m selling our lightly used V2-10 as we do not use it; in fact, it has not been touched in well over a year. It’s in excellent condition and everything works as it should. It was originally purchased directly from Pocket NC in 2021, and has been well taken care of in a professional prototyping shop. Asking $5500, local pickup is preferred, located in Seattle, WA, but willing to look into shipping.

Full list of what’s included is below.

Pocket NC Mill V2-10 (without Kinetic Control) includes:

  • ER11 Collet - 1/8"
  • 1 Extended reach tool holder
  • ER11 Collet Wrench
  • Pocket NC Vise w/ hardware and B-table adaptor
  • 3mm hex Wera driver
  • 5mm, 4mm, and 2mm hex wrenches
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cord

Pocket NC Enclosure (without safety switch)

V2-10 Accessories includes:

  • ER40 Collet - 3/4"
  • ER40 Collet - 1"
  • ER40 Fixture for V2-10
  • ER40 Fixture Wrench
  • Edge Finder Tool Holder
  • 3x Extended Reach Tool Holders
  • 2x ER11 Collet - 1/8"
  • ER11 Collet - 3/16"
  • ER11 Collet - 1/4"
  • V2-10 Tool Holder Rack
  • Harvey Tool Endmills
    ** 0.125" x 0.187" LOC 1.25" Reach Sqr. 3 Flute (982208)
    ** 0.125" x 0.187" LOC 1.25" Reach Ball 3 Flute (966108)
    ** 1/8" x 5/8" LOC Hard MTL 1 Flute (52508)
    ** 1/16" x 5/16" LOC Soft MTL 1 Flute (51862)
    ** 0.125" x 0.5" LOC 45° Ball 2 Flute (27908)
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Hi acurneen, I’m interested if it’s still available. I can do 5700 to cover shipping if you’d be willing to ship to NY.

hi @dmealie ! That is a fair price. Can you email me your address so I can estimate the freight shipping cost of this all crated up? Thanks!


Hello is this still available ? I am interested as well

Hi @Tolga - I’d say that David above has first right of refusal. David is making sure it is a right fit for his use case before committing, but if it is still available in a couple of days, I’d be happy to chat about the machine with you - it is basically new, we just don’t use it. My company is in consulting so it is almost 100% of the time it is cheaper for the client to have a professional shop make parts than we bill our hourly rate to make the same part.