Pocket NC stainless Vice

Hey guys. I am working on a proper sturdy pocket NC vice made from 304 stainless steel.
My aluminium vice fell apart almost instantly and i got tired of using screws to hold my work piece.
I have my first prototype but I need to do some changes and order a new batch. I wanted to ask you, if you would have interest in a proper rigid pocker NC Vice?

I will send an update soon but it will be basicaly a small version of a vice we use at work for our HASS machine.

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@Dr.NC i would for sure slimline and tight tolerances would be nice.

Tolerances are ±0.05mm. It is desighned for continuous 5 axis machining jobs so it needs to be sturdy and precise. I will test the first desighn over chrismas and let you know how it went.

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@Dr.NC cheers. That’s sounds reasonable and affordable.

Just some updates, I have assembled and tested the vice. Im not happy with its rigidity, so i wll iterate and make a stronger one. The one i have right now uses 5mm steel rods for movement but they bend when it clamps down, so I will replace them with a 8mm rod and see what happens.

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It look like this. You have a clasic surdy vice on the bottom, but if you need to mill a plate or some flat piece that cant support itself when milling. You can add a second vice that slides on two rods for stronger support of the milled part.

What do you think about this idea? It needs some finishing work and more beefing up, but so far even this piece works well.