Pocket NC v1 w/material and stand alone HDMI kit $3900!

Pocket NC v1, no use
Stand alone HDMI kit (Linux OS)
Material: wax, wood, aluminum blocks (different sizes)
Tool kits

Currently qualifies for the V1 to V2 upgrade program.

Price: $3,900 + shipping (i’m in Pocatello, Idaho, USA)

Contact me for pictures and videos (the system says “new users cannot add attachments”)

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Hello, Im interested in you pocket nc. Can i buy even if im from Europe? Will gladly pay the shipping fee

Sure. Tell me what country you want it delivered to and we both can check for shipping options.

I just posted it in eBay:

So you can buy it there too (there are many pictures in there) but it you serious about it and you want a discount, I can sell it to you for $ 3,650 if you buy it directly from me (not from eBay). Depending where you are those $250 discount would pay for most of the shipping cost.

Contact me to maidanac@gmail.com.


I’m located in Denmark. Ebay says shipping is like $2K. It should be possible to do that cheaper I guess. I’ll need some info about the machine if I should find a shipping option myself. Like weight and measurements.

Replied to your e-mail. Cheers!

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