Pocket NC V2-50

I have a V2-50 for sale. Sadly, haven’t used it in over a year due to shoulder injury.

PM me if interested. I’m in Alberta Canada.


Hi I am in the uk. How much are you looking for this unit?

Hi my asking price is $1200 Canadian.

It comes with everything you need CNC, Regulator, Air Pump, hoses, all work holding fixtures and enclosure.

You can reach me at richard@ttfn.ca if you want o see pictures.
Im not sure if I can upload all the photos to this platform.


$1200 seems low for a V2-50 - does it have any problems? How many hours of use?

Oops, sorry, add one more “0”…. $12000 Canadian.

I was afraid of that… :grinning:

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