PocketNC Enclose LED Strip Lighting

PocketNC Enclosure LED Lighting


The enclosure for the PocketNC v2-10 is great, but it can reduce visibility and block some normal room lighting. To that extent, I wanted to add a good amount of bright white light with a low profile, low cost and custom fit to the standard enclosure size.

Thingiverse Files

Bill Of Materials

  1. Print a total of 6 brackets and 6 back covers, contained in this Thingi.
  2. Count = #84 LED bulbs
  3. Count = #12 100 ohm resistors
  4. 8' 22 gauge wire
  5. Rocker Switch mount, separate Thingi
  6. Rocker Switch
  7. Power Supply
  8. Miscellaneous and Tools = Solder and iron, heat shrink, 3mm nuts/bolts


5mm White LED bulbs

22 gauge wire

Rocker Switch mount

Rocker Switch

Power Supply

PocketNC v2-10 Enclosure


Each bracket contains (count = #14 LED bulbs, 2 series circuits) .

Circuit = #7 LED bulbs in series with a 100 ohm resistor, then each series in parallel with the Rocker Switch and Power Supply

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