Problem with Machining in Axis Limits

I’m trying to cut a part, but I keep “exceeding” the axis limits. The error message is said “Linear move on line 22 would exceed joint 2’s positive limit, invalid parameters in linear command”.
I have run the Gcode trough online simulator without no problem. I’ve looked for the Work Offsets point on the machine and set it up in the simulator without any issues. However, when attempting to machine, the error arises. I’ve noticed in this forum other similar cases where people solved the problem by setting the Work Offset to A0 and B0. Despite following this procedure, the error persists.
I can’t provide the code because I’m a new user, but it’s similar to the cube example available on the website. However, on one of the faces, there are inclined letters that require the use of axes A and B.
Could anyone offer me their assistance? Thank you!

It sounds like your tool length offset may be the problem. If you put the tool length offset of your tool on the machine into the simulator, does it show an error? What version of Kinetic Control are you using? The latest version has a simulator tab that should sync all your offsets for you before simulating.

The issue was in the configuration of the G54 Work Offsets for the Z-axis. The machine detected a coordinate of -62.61 mm, which resulted in exceeding the displacement limits for that axis. By reconfiguring the “Offset” using the “Clear current system” function, the machine was able to detect a positive coordinate. I appreciate the advice provided; I was able to identify the problem thanks to the simulator integrated into “Kinetic control.”

However, I initially configured the Offset using the “Clear current system” function as well, and it gave me a negative value. I even cleared the reference system twice because it still showed negative.

Why did it remain negative? Could it be that the tool length needed to be configured first, and then the G54?

I’m attaching a photo showing the previous values in the Offset.

Thank you

Yes, you must have a tool length offset in place for the machine to know where the tip of your tool is. Without a tool length offset in place, the machine is essentially tracking a tool that extends all the way to the center of the rotation of the machine when the spindle is fully retracted. In that case, when setting your work offsets by jogging toward your stock, they will be much further in the negative Z direction than expected.

In the next update, we’ll have a warning show up when attempting to set a work offset without a tool length offset in place.